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How Much Does Virtual Magic Show Cost

How Much Does Virtual Magic Show Cost?

We’ve seen a dramatic shift from a regular world to a virtual one since the epidemic. And with that, everything has shifted to the internet; events and public entertainment venues all around the world have closed, leaving just google or zoom meets as a viable option.

Virtual magic shows and zoom magicians, as well as other virtual performances, are gaining popularity as a fun and highly participatory type of live entertainment appreciated by audiences of all ages and countries across the world.

The real question is, how much do they cost in the first place? To help you understand better, a number of variables are given below.

Virtual Magic Show Cost

Virtual Magic Shows for the Public

If you want to know how much a ticket to your first virtual magic performance will cost, you need first conduct comprehensive research and discover how much other zoom magicians charge for one virtual show.

A virtual magic show’s price is also determined by the following factors:

  • Depending upon the type of show
  • How many tickets are being soldc
  • The length of the program
  • How famous our in-demand individual performer maybe

Thus, If it’s your first time performing as a virtual magician, the cost of a virtual magic performance might be as little as £7. Depending on the sort of event and how well-known you are as an individual performer, it can go up to £25 or even £36 per person.

Virtual Magic Show Cost

Virtual Magic Shows for Private Parties

It’s not uncommon to see costs ranging from £73-£366 or more for a small, private birthday celebration for a kid or adult, or perhaps an anniversary or other private party of some type.

A virtual magic show’s price is also determined by the following factors:

  • Number of people
  • Length of performance they are looking for
  • Time of the day of the event

A normal virtual magic performance lasts 35-40 minutes, so select a time that is convenient for you so that you can give them the time of their lives and involve them in all of the magic tricks!

Keep in Mind

Some systems, such as Zoom, impose a limit on the number of devices that may log in and broadcast an event, which is generally determined by the sort of subscription account that the company or even the performer has. The greater the crowd, the more resources will be required for the event, and the cost will rise accordingly.

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