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How to treat Teeth pain

5 Tips To Ease Teething Pain Without Medicine

If you have ever experienced a toothache, then you probably know that its effect can be excruciating. Teething pain and sensitivity can be the most painful experience both for adults as well as children. It can cause you to have sleepless nights and practically rob you of the joy of enjoying simple daily activities. Symptoms of root canal damage include localized pain at a particular tooth, sensitivity while eating/drinking cold or hot foods or drinks, and swelling of the tooth.  Tooth sensitivity is always the first sign to show that you will start having dental pain. Most over the counter pain killers used to curb teething pain are only effective on a temporary basis and sooner or later, the pain is back again with a bang. So it is best to look for more effective ways of dealing with a tooth pain. You might be surprised to learn that there are easy tips to ease that pain. Consider these;

  1. Ice packs remedy; Place an ice cube on the affected tooth and you will notice a cooling effect, thus easing the pain. This is because the ice produces a numb effect on the aching tooth. You can also just hold a pack of ice cube on the cheek and you will feel a relaxed feeling.
  2. Salty water intake; Gaggle a glass full of warm salty water at least three times a day to relieve the pain. Spit out the water after it stays in the mouth for a considerable amount of time.
  3. Liquid diet; Solid foods further add to the pain since accumulation of food stuffs on already damaged tooth canal further irritates the tooth, worsening the situation. Stick to a diet of warm natural juices for the time being until your tooth pain eases.
  4. Olive oil; Make a cotton ball and fully dip it into olive oil solution. Apply gently on the affected tooth for a relieving effect. If you cannot find olive oil, then you may also try clove oil. Both oils act as effective anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  5. Garlic juice; if you have the guts, you can chew the garlic cloves and the released juice will work miracles as it penetrates the aching tooth canal. If you find this method to be terrible, try to squeeze the juice in a small bowl and pour on the affected tooth or drink it.

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Causes of tooth pain

  • Eating extremely hard food may eventually fracture your tooth thus causing root canal.
  • If you are hit by someone in the mouth, you may have internal tooth injuries which when overlooked can start decaying of the affected tooth, causing pain.
  • If you have had a tooth filling before don’t wait for too long before going for checkup. The old filling shrinks and cause decay.
  • Eating sweets especially just after going to bed without brushing your teeth. Bacteria become active at night and works on these leftover food particles, resulting in pain.


The above easy remedies will do wonders in alleviating toothache, before you seek professional help.

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