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Best Ways To Earn Online As A Student Blogger

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular amongst students as blogging is the ultimate gateway to earning money online even after you have bagged your degree.

Just see how some of the best student blogs in the world are growing and how the student bloggers monetize them in this article:

10 Of the Best Student Blogs For Millenial Life

You see? It’s a great opportunity as a student in India to keep a journal of your student experiences at University or College while sharing useful tips and tricks with others. Of course, you’ll have to invest time in building your student blog, but you can do this very easily and quickly with the help of blogging experts:

How To Start A Blog On WordPress

It is important to then regularly write and post content on trending topics you’re passionate about and that are relevant to your readers.

To get your student blog to the top you must build a robust following and have your blogs read or shared as much as possible. Only then can you earn money via affiliate marketing, product promotions, paid ads on your blog, guest posting, and so on.

Learn The Blogging Skills To Bring Your Blog To The Top

At SeekaHost University we have trialled and tested the techniques and strategies to grow and monetize a blog. The experts there can help you learn such skills to build a web presence that generates a passive income. They have created the Blog For Profits Blueprint Course that details every step you should take to start and grow your blog into a money machine, including how to write SEO-friendly copy that ranks and banks, how to use SEO to gain more traffic or how to use guest posting to grow your audience.

For more useful and free tutorials and tips check or subscribe to our SeekaHost University Channel to never miss any updates, new tips or skills that can help improve your student blog.

Blogging has been around for twenty years and produced several millionaires over the years and if you start now while you’re still a young student anywhere in the world, you might be onto the next big thing in a few months or years, depending on how much time you invest.

However, bear in mind that blogging is just one avenue that can help you earn money online as a student. We recommend blogging as it can turn into an online business at a later stage, but if you’re interested in other options such as managing social media accounts or becoming a virtual assistant then you should read our extensive guide about “How to make money online in India for students in 2020”:

How to Make Money Online India for Students


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